Vengeful Beasts

Vengeful Beasts

A collection of 10’000 randomly-generated 3D NFTs fighting for their cause on the Ethereum blockchain.


A bear takes off at once with rage and courage, katana in hand… His people call him Chief and he has only one goal in mind, put a stop to the actions of Man. For thousands of years, humans have mistreated, hunted and butchered animals, but Chief has had enough. He sets on a journey to the mountain top at the very edge of the human civilization.

Chief’s eyes fill with anger as his pace increases. He keeps running as the forest gets thinner and thinner before eventually fading behind him. While sprinting through the picturesque wilderness, he is joined by 4 brave bears with whom he had grown up and had overcome many struggles. All are fully armed, ready for battle… Slowly, the word of Chief’s rebellion is spreading.

The Bear Squad races through the elements, their fast motion flicking the crops as they dance to their rhythm. As the sun now drowns between the mountains and the bloody red hue of the sunset engulfs the surroundings, the squad rises above any danger they encounter.

The moon has taken its place in the purple red sky. And the squad finally arrives to the top of their targeted mountain. There it is… The city. Full of neon lights, noise and decadence. The brothers in arms look in each other’s eyes. They nod… and jump towards their objective.

As the Bear Squad arrives at the gates of the city, full of determination, an entire army of 10’000 bears stands behind them. The war is imminent.

“Vengeful Beasts is a collection of 10’000 heroic bears that took part in this fight against cruelty. Each Vengeful Beast resides on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) made out of a unique combination of traits.”

Dear friend, if you are also a bear, an ape, another animal species or even a human but a good hearted one…

Why join Vengeful Beasts?


Vengeful beasts is a collection of 10’000 warrior bears — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each warrior’s portrait as a figurine is unique and was entirely done by hand. Not with a MOUSE, not with a PEN. But by HAND! The artist Tom Olesen created the entire collection from scratch on iPad apps mostly using his thumb and index to do the 3D modeling and sculpting, light effects, paint… Well, everything!

If you are a geek like we are, surely you would love to have digital frames on your desk showing these pieces of art, so you can brag about it (and spread the word).


We are dedicated to making the world a better place where giving becomes a given.
Part of the sales will be donated to associations fighting for the animal cause. Vengeful Beasts NFT holders will be able to help us make decisions on how we donate.


3% royalties associated with secondary sales on Opensea will be directly rewarded to Vengeful Beasts NFT holders.

We will also randomly reward members of the community with Airdrops/Giveaways.
It could be a custom Vengeful Beast art piece with new and unique traits based on your ideas, a custom figurine, a toy, a Voxel avatar for Sandbox... Well, cool stuff.

Unlockable content

Minting one Vengeful Beast means you also get:

  • A fully rigged avatar of Chief, the legend, ready for the metaverse. It can be used for VR Chat, Vtubing, Vroid, games etc…
  • The (obj. / glb. / stl.) files of a Vengeful Beast, its base and 10 weapons. You can use them for 3D printing, to create unique avatars adding your own art or just to have fun with the 3D modeling. For personal use only. No Commercial use/selling.

Exclusive merchandise

Like Chief, we are ambitious. Our aspiration is to build a brand that our community can be proud of. We mainly aim to create quality gymwear because warrior beasts like you need cool “VB” equipment to work out! Vengeful Beasts NFT holders would have access to exclusive items and offers.

We also want to create geek merch such as figurines, toys… Well, again, cool stuff.


Including color variations

Rainbow background - Ultra rare

Rainbow base - Ultra rare

Golden base - Rare

Golden main body - Rare

Rainbow main body - Ultra rare

Golden front body - Rare

Rainbow front body - Ultra rare

Black eyes - Rare

Blue eyes - Ultra rare

Red eyes - Ultra rare

Golden VB necklace - Rare

Golden military necklace - Ultra rare

Silver - Rare

golden - ultra Rare

golden smiley - Rare

golden spikes - ultra Rare

AK-47 - Rare

Banana Gun - Rare

Candy - Rare

Golden pistol - Rare

Katana - Ultra rare

Rainbow Nunchuk - Ultra rare

Rainbow Uzi - Ultra rare

Beer - Ultra rare

RPG - Rare

Sniper - Rare

astronaut helmet - ultra rare

helicopter cap - rare

Our legends

When owning the 5 Legends of the Bear Squad, the holder can claim a gift.







Project conception

The start of the project was different than most. Months ago, the artist Tom Olesen quit his job in Finance in Geneva, Switzerland, to dedicate himself to his passion, art, and his dream of launching the Vengeful Beasts project to help the animal cause, build a passionate community and create geek stuff! So, he first started by making the whole art and traits…

Team assembly

We spent days, months, to assemble our dream team, people who could understand Tom’s vision.

We are now a squad of Vengeful / Fun / Geeky warriors.


We are focused and constantly working on building a great (and nice) community who shares our values as us: Respect (for every living creature), tolerance, warrior spirit AND love for games and geek stuff!

Technical Stuff

We put all our hearts and claws in the conception of the website, minting dApp and smart contracts. The result is freakin’ awesome, don’t you think?


The dates will be communicated on our social medias. Make sure you follow us, don’t miss out!

NFT minting

Presales and public sales are done through our minting dApp.

Once minted, the NFTs are visible on Opensea.

Follow us on Twitter to keep track of everything (key dates, giveaways, airdrops and more).

Our ideas

- Acquire land in the Sandbox metaverse and create multiplayer battle games reserved for our community. Vengeful Beasts NFT holders would have exclusive perks.

- Create awesome gymwear and geek merchandise for everyone. NFT holders would have access to exclusive merchandise (clothes, figurines, etc)!

- Create a 2nd collection of another species on which our NFT holders would have 1st dibs.

meet the team


Founder of the Vengeful Beasts
Creative director and artist

Juanluis Ulate

Co-founder of the Vengeful Beasts
Architect by profession and CGI enthusiast


Designer / Developer

Yassine Sey

Designer and illustrator

Patricki Lucas Nascimento Silva

Motion designer

André Queiroz Costa

Blockchain developer

Michael Folorunsho

Animation expert

Dafné Ulate

Consultant and advisor


NFT means ‘non-fungible token.’ Which is a fancy way of referring to a digital asset. For those who are unfamiliar with what a digital asset is, it is a non-interchangeable unit of data that is stored on a blockchain. Technical jargon aside, the cool part is that the data/asset represents something special - such as music, a digital trading card, a gaming token, or in the case of VB, it’s a piece of digital artwork with extra utilities.

When you mint an NFT you are creating a permanent entry for an asset on the blockchain. This asset can be an image, a video, an audio file, a membership access to a club… and more.

Once it has been minted on the blockchain, the information can no longer be changed and is therefore tamper-proof. The underlying asset is now represented as an NFT and can be purchased and traded in the market.

Every transaction involving the NFT is digitally tracked and is public information.

You can connect Metamask wallets only. If you don’t have one, you can create one here :


Once minted, the NFT will automatically appear on Opensea.

The presale price is 0.06 ETH + Fees. The public sale is 0.08 ETH + Fees.